Guidelines for writing a research paper

Writing a research paper tends to be a time-consuming and complex task, and it is essential since it takes a considerable part in student grades. Academic writing is not easy; however, communication skills must communicate ideas effectively to others.

Writing APA research paper

To write an excellent research paper, follow the following concise and straightforward steps.

  • Choose a topic

At times college students get topics to write their research papers. However, if you are lucky to have the latitude in choosing the research topic, then choose it wisely. Consider selecting a research topic that is challenging and generates a lot of interest to you. It ensures that you are not bored when doing your research since you will discover fascinating ideas and thus enjoy your writing. In general, broad topics can result in great success if you hire an expert to write your paper.

  • State your thesis statement

Before you structure your research paper, be sure to write your thesis statement since it will guide you in your investigation, and help pay attention to the subject. Ensure the thesis statement is concise and depicts the type of research paper you are working on. Research papers are of the following types persuasive or argumentative, expository, and analytical. Devote adequate time to writing a solid thesis statement. It should be narrow and debatable.

  • Research your topic

Source for an adequate primary and secondary source of information from reliable sources, and read all and be sure to find suitable evidence to support the thesis statement. In this step, evaluate your sources, make notes, and begin documenting the sources based on citation style as per the instructor requirements. Ensure that you use the latest version of the writing style guide. It is best practice to acknowledge where you got your information through citation.

  • Design a good outline

After research, you probably have thousands of great ideas. With this huge information, you have to structure them to make your presentation impressive. Do not miss to structure your research paper since you will lack focus and spend a lot of time revising your draft information. To come up with a good outline, think of critical points that will support your thesis statement. Academic writing outline includes the following: title, abstract, introduction, methodology, results or findings, discussions, and conclusion.

  • Write the first draft

Once you have a clear and concise outline, it is now time to write your first draft consisting of the following contents title, citation, and reference section. The title is significant since sending an excellent impression to your audience. With a title, readers form their view on what to expect in the rest of the research paper. Choose wisely the keywords that describe your research paper's topic, the methodology used, and the findings so far.

  • Revise, proofread, and edit

Before you submit your work:

  1. Make changes, and check the logical flow of ideas, transitions, and the entire research paper's structure.
  2. At this step, ensure that all ideas are successfully developed and the arguments supported with credible evidence; if need be, add additional section headings.
  3. Perform content and grammatical editing.

This step involves looking for spelling mistakes, punctuation use, etc. Read your paper several times to ensure the correctness and flow of information and logic. If need be and time allows, ask your family members or friends to review your research paper and note any glaring mistakes or omissions. They can even evaluate transitions, arguments and look for inconsistencies with the use of mechanics or grammar.